Our Services

Safe and Effective BioMedical Treatments



to Activate the Immune System to fight

    Lyme disease and Co-Infections


to Maximize the Detoxification Pathways

    and to minimize Herxheimer Reactions

The most Comprehensive Diagnostic Tests


for Lyme disease and Co-Infections



When the test for Lyme disease is negative


When other doctors refuse to treat


We can help !



  • Using specialized testing procedures, and checking for co-infections, we can find Lyme


      disease !  Lyme disease has nowhere to hide !


  • All labs are covered by insurance !


  • We can help you fill out claim forms so you can get reimbursement directly from your


       insurance company.  You can also apply for Lyme grants for medical services and


       medications.  Children qualify for Lyme grants of $1,000 !


  • We do not like to order expensive tests from Igenex, which can come out negative too !

By treating co-infections, we also cover Lyme disease !



  • The safest and most effective biomedical treatments, based on scientific and clinical


       research data, and your laboratory results, formulated into a personalized treatment


       plan, tailored to your specific needs !


  • We treat both adults and children with Lyme disease.


  • When the entire family is infected, we recommend treating the parent first, to find the


       best treatment combinations before treating the child, in order to minimize side-