Patient Testimonies


1.   Because my initial Lyme disease test result had only one band, all the doctors I went 

       to, including Cornell, refused to treat me.  After falling on the sidewalk and being                     admitted to the hospital, I became disabled with severe and painful neuropathy,                       unable to stand or walk. 

       After I got discharged home from the hospital with a walker, I was lucky to find this                 BioMed Center to evaluate and treat me.  They were able to get 4 bands on the                         Western Blot test, and to get rid of Babesia without  using the toxic yellow liquid I                   used to drink.  My neuropathy is no longer painful, I am getting better day by day.  I i               improved from using a walker to a cane, now I can walk, run, and climb stairs without            a cane.

      I highly recommend this place for testings and treatments, especially if your Lyme                  disease is chronic and sero-negative.  When other doctors refuse to help, this is the                open door for you to get better !


2.  My daughter's headaches are gone, and she stopped hitting people and pulling                       people's hair !  No more temper tantrums !  I recommend this place to parents with                 children who are hitting people and hurting themselves !  Get treated before it's too 

     late !


3.  Initially I brought my daughter here for evaluation and treatment of autism.  She was             found to have Lyme-induced autism.  Then I remembered going to a nature preserve

     when I was pregnant, wearing flip-flops !  With biomedical treatments, my daughter 

     became calmer. happier, and more attentive to her surroundings.  I believe she will get

     better and better as more treatments are being completed.


4.  I got infected at Yosemite National Park, staying in a tick-infested cottage.  My                         symptoms were so serious I could not get out of bed !  I am so glad I got treated

     here.  I started working again, and I am getting my life back !


5.  After I got bitten by tick, I thought it was just a misquito bite.  I was okay for a few                   years until I got into a car accident.  I became dizzy with frequent falls, and memory               loss.  A MRI showed that I have vasculitis of my brain !  Because my Lyme blood test             had only two bands, many doctors refused to treat me.  One doctor gave me                             antibiotics for only 5 days, which was not too helpful.  I am glad I found this place !                 With proper treatment, I am getting better and stronger day by day.  I hope to travel                 again !